We in Uinta County are asking for residents here in our county, across the state of Wyoming, and across the country to join our fight against the private immigration proposed just outside Evanston and Bear River State Park. Private immigration prisons separate families and cause fear in residents who have documented and undocumented relatives.

We don’t need a company that cannot manage its facilities properly and is responsible for human rights violations coming here to tell us what is best for our community and our state.

We ask you to join us in asking our elected leaders to say NO to the proposed immigration prison by signing this petition and showing solidarity with immigrants, Uinta County residents, and all those across the country who have already been negatively affected by private immigration prisons and the companies who run them.

4 thoughts on “Sign the Petition!

  1. This does NOT encapsulate “Fresh Air, Freedom, and Fun”, as is our Evanston motto. Nor does it accurately represent the Wyoming as the Equality State. There are plenty of other options to produce jobs for residents.


  2. Do not bring an immigration detention center to Wyoming. The human atrocities occurring at these types of facilities is not the kind of history and legacy Wyoming needs to be associated with.


  3. I protest at the immigration detention center in Wyoming. Separating families and incarcerating immigrants, and refugees who have come to us in despair because of violence and danger at home–who have come to us for asylum–is an affront to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, to say nothing of a moral outrage.


  4. Please do not bring this atrocity into our community. I know this will affect the way we are seen by others. It’s wrong. I feel the commissioners are selling their souls to the devil for a few bucks. There are many more positive ways this land could be used to bring money to the community.


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