This upcoming Sunday and Monday is the beginning of the Wyoming Legislative Budget Session and we need all of you to come and start the conversations with legislatures about the possible immigration prison in Uinta County!

Although the Republican Caucus will be closed to the public, the Democratic Caucus will be open and all five elected officials that we need to say no will be present. At this caucus you may have a chance to say why you know a private immigration prison will not only be bad for Uinta County but bad for Wyoming. Our goals are to let lawmakers know what is happening, that we are here, we oppose the prison being built and we are not going away.

We are going with the goal of educating and informing elected leaders on what is happening and if possible, why we think it will be a bad idea. Keep in mind some lawmakers may not even be aware this is happening so when having conversations be patient and informative. People will be moving back and forth quite quickly at times so it’s important to know your talking points and why you oppose the prison. You may only have a few moments to inform them on the issues and express your feelings so make it count.

If the prison was to be built it would directly affect Latinos and immigrants on a massive scale. Since it’s our families at risk, its our responsibility to stop it. We need Latinos and Latinas to raise their voices louder than we ever have in Wyoming. We need to let Wyoming Lawmakers know that we are part of Wyoming and we will fight to stay part of it.

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